Mar, 2017

Do Clean Windows Really Matter for a Business?

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The weather we experience in Southeastern Michigan, especially during the winter months, can cause a lot of dirt to gather on the windows of your business. Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we have been in the business of making windows shine since 2003, and want to be the one you call for window cleaning in Milford, Auburn Hills, Waterford, Wixom, and everywhere in between.

With spring on it’s way, spruce up your business and make an amazing impression on new and existing clients by calling J&M Window Cleaning today!

We hear a lot of people ask: “Do clean windows really matter on a business?”, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Maintaining the outer appearance of your business is nearly as important as what happens inside the building; especially from the perspective of a customer’s first impression! Marketing professionals will tell you constantly that great outer presentation is a major part of the game – and your business’ outer presentation starts with clean windows!

Hiring J&M Window Cleaning is the best first step to making a great first impression, and  can help put forth the same outer image your salespeople convey with in person clients.

Here are a few reasons that clean windows are important.

  1. You get ONE first impression.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” This rings true not only for personal face to face meetings, but from your brick and mortar building as well. Imagine a prospective client or customer coming to your storefront, and being greeted by dirty windows. Their first impression, right or wrong, could turn negative based on the outer appearance of your business.

Now imagine this building with clean, sparkling windows. Windows that allow the natural light to pour in and illuminate all the nooks and crannies of your office. This presents the impression that you are not only aware of your business’ physical offering, but if you care enough about your building to clean your windows this thoroughly – what type of amazing customer experience can they expect?

  1. Window Cleaning is an Inexpensive Marketing Tool.

At J&M Window Cleaning we offer competitive rates for all of our commercial clients. We are local to the southeastern Michigan area, and want to do our part in making it sparkle and shine!

In addition to the marketing dollars that you pour into external campaigns, consider providing a piece of that budget to your windows! Your building is your best marketing tool – it provides customers a sense of identity for your business, and keeping it clean shows that you are actively thinking about all aspects of your brand.

  1. Sunshine Through Clean Windows = Happy Employees

Did you know that more than half of the population of the world is deficient in vitamin D? Vitamin D deficiency can cause lethargy, lack of motivation, and depression – and it comes from the sun!

When business windows are dirty and streaked, the sunshine cannot get fully through the glass. This can lead to a dreary workplace for employees. However, with clean windows like J&M Window Cleaning provide, the sunshine will pour through, and can help over all employee morale!

  1. Professionally Clean Your Windows and Save In the Long Run

Having your business windows professionally cleaned can lead to money saving in the long run. How? Well, our technicians at J&M Window Cleaning are fully trained in all areas of window cleaning. We provide the best tools and technologies for the job, and use proper cleansers and brushes to ensure that the job is done right. Using the proper cleaning techniques can increase the lifespan of your window glass, which can lead to less replacements, less chipping and scratching, and extend the overall life of your windows!

We are fully insured, and adhere to all OSHA policies, which means you never have to worry about any insurance needs.

If your business is in Milford, Auburn Hills, Waterford, Wixom or any other area in southeastern Michigan, call J&M Window Cleaning today to schedule your risk free, no obligation quote for your business window cleaning!

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