Jan, 2018

From Budding Entrepreneurs to Commercial Window Cleaning Professionals

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Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Whether you are in a romantic, platonic or professional relationship, if you don’t trust your partner, the relationship will fall apart.

With professional relationships, the best way to trust your partner is to know their story. Joe and Matt of J&M Window Cleaning highly value the relationships that they have with each of their commercial customers. They choose to be open about how they got to where they are today so that potential clients can be confident in their decision to hire them to professionally clean their residential homes and commercial businesses.

Joe and Matt went from budding entrepreneurs to owning a highly reputable commercial window cleaning company that services Bloomfield Hills and surrounding neighborhoods. That’s no small feat!

So how did they do it?

Nearly 15 years ago, Joe Rath and Matt Fields were already experienced window cleaners. However, for some reason, their jobs just weren’t fulfilling them. They went home every day loving the work they did, but feeling like they were lacking in something. They soon realized that what they were missing was community. Joe and Matt both adored the communities they grew up in and realized that they wanted to use their skills to service those communities. They wanted to give back.

So, in 2003, armed with a $600 loan and basic cleaning supplies, J&M Window Cleaning was born. Joe and Matt were then able to service their communities with high quality professional window cleaning, as well as friendly customer service. Since 2003, their business has done extremely well. Including Bloomfield Hills, J&M Window Cleaning has expanded and now services several communities in Oakland County and South-east Michigan.

While they started as a window cleaning company, they have also expanded the services they offer and now offer not only window cleaning, but also gutter cleaning and house washing. Joe and Matt have effectively accomplished the dream they had as 20-something year old budding entrepreneurs and have become some of Michigan’s best commercial window cleaning professionals.

So how does J&M Window Cleaning’s story help you as a business owner?

You can benefit in several ways from knowing how Joe and Matt started their business. First, the story of their humble beginnings contrasted with how large and profitable their company is now tells you that they are determined, hard-working and smart business men. They have a passion for what they do, but they also know how to successfully grow a business.

If you are a business yourself looking to hire professional window cleaners, you’re probably looking to hire a company that is trustworthy, hard-working and successful. You can easily verify that J&M Window Cleaning has all of these characteristics just by visiting their website. You can read customer testimonials, see the variety of services they offer and can see how much their company has expanded in a few short years. If you own a business in Bloomfield Hills and are looking to have your windows professionally cleaned, look no further than J&M Window Cleaning.

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