Dec, 2017

The Best Kept Marketing Secret in West Bloomfield

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Every business has a marketing strategy. For most businesses, quite a bit of time, effort and money goes into marketing their brand.

Some businesses have an entire team of employees specifically in charge of marketing, while other smaller companies have one or two people assigned to the task. Either way, marketing is one of the most important aspects of a business because it’s how they attract new customers, retain regular customers and increase their sales overall. Without a profitable marketing strategy, your business can’t truly advance and grow.

As a business owner, there can be enormous amounts of pressure associated with attracting more customers regularly. If marketing isn’t your strong suit, this pressure can keep you up at night. But what if we told you that there’s a marketing secret no one has told you about? A secret that will increase your sales with minimal effort on your part? A secret that you can hire professionals to do in under an hour? A secret that could absolutely revolutionize your business?

So what is the best kept marketing secret? Professional window cleaning.

We bet this isn’t what you were expecting the secret to be! That’s why it’s the best kept marketing secret! Who would have guessed that clean windows can have a direct impact on a business’ sales? But think about it; what is the first thing you notice about a business when you’re walking past? The first thing you see about a business is what its store looks like.

Walking past, all you can see is the exterior of the building- unless the windows are sparkling clean and then you can see inside to get a clear view of the merchandise or services the company offers. There are many different businesses and companies in West Bloomfield so if you are a business owner, you most likely have some competition. But how many of your competitors keep their stores looking spotless? Many business owners will clean their own windows or call in a professional once in awhile, but the trick is to make sure your windows are always spotless and your store is presentable and welcoming.

But how exactly do clean windows have an effect on marketing?

Well the point of marketing is to find sustainable practices that will both attract and retain customers. If your store windows are sparkling clean, customers will be attracted to your business because they can see that you care about the details.

When a customer walks past a dirty, neglected business, are they enticed to go inside? Probably not.

The way a business owner looks after his store is a reflection of how he feels about his merchandise and services, as well as how he feels about his customers. If he believes in his merchandise and cares about his customers, he will make sure that his store is open and welcoming so customers will feel respected.

While other West Bloomfield businesses are scratching their heads trying to brainstorm complex marketing strategies, you’ll be a step ahead of them simply by calling J&M Window Cleaning to provide professional commercial window cleaning for your West Bloomfield business.

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